Global nuclear executives drawn to ground-breaking SMR meeting this April
With many first-of-kind executive workshops, presentations and exclusive panels, the 5th Annual Small Modular Reactor Summit 2015 (April 14-15, Charlotte NC) looks to shake up the nuclear industry!

With so much time devoted to debate, discussion and analysis of the critical hurdles to SMR commercialization and deployment to come, this meeting has become a must attend for any nuclear development manager globally.


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Kerr Jeferies
Senior Industry Analyst
Nuclear Energy Insider


Hosting exclusive nuclear industry insight and expert speakers including:
Why the Small Modular Reactor Summit 2015 will be pivotal to reaching your business development goals…
  • We are facilitating an agenda that promotes direct discussion of the key challenges in SMRs, discussions that go beyond the just the science
  • The first close analysis of potential markets and alternative industrial applications for SMRs in cogeneration, manufacturing and process heat
  • A program that promotes the essential ‘cathedral style’ thinking that will look intelligently at the road blocks to SMR commercialization and critically assess the next supply chain opportunities

If you are interested in speaking or sponsorship opportunities please get in touch as soon as possible – opportunities are tailor made to suit your business development goals but have limited availability.

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