Nuclear Plant Digitalization Infographic 2018: The State of Nuclear Plant Digitalization

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Scroll down to view the Nuclear Plant Digitalization Infographic 2018.

This infographic was created in line with 3rd Annual Nuclear Plant Digitalization Conference (28-29 November, Charlotte NC)

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With the nuclear industry striving to maximize cost savings while future-proofing O&M, and the adoption of a holistic digital strategy being a viable means to achieve this, clarity surrounding the significant and urgent challenges faced by the industry is evidently required.

That’s why at the Nuclear Plant Digitalization Conference we will be your guides in the journey towards digitalization, introducing you to the technologies and tools at your disposal to be competitive through the development of a comprehensive digital strategy.


  • 20+ speakers from major utilities, service providers and tech companies sharing their insights on how you can use digitalization to drive safety, reliability and economic efficiency

  • Industry-led agenda, focusing on the key challenges and opportunities in the industry now with key case studies from the leading utilities

  • Exclusive preview and demos of the latest technologies and innovations set to revolutionise nuclear production

  • An industry first live cybersecurity demonstration and event first innovation showcase giving you an engaging, interactive experience

  • Confirmed attendees from the likes of Exelon, Dominion, Entergy, TVA, Xcel Energy, EPRI, INL, INPO, Southern Nuclear and many more will be participating in our interactive sessions and workshops

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