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NDC2016 is back in its 7th year to bring together the key experts from across Europe’s nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste management industries.

We’ve added a brand new track dedicated to waste management and geological disposal so you can get insight into all of the Europe’s back end opportunities and challenges.

Confirmed for NDC2016:

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You will get details on:
  • 40+ industry leading speakers from every UK SLC, European utilities, regulators and leading contractors, all sharing original content and experience through exclusive analytical presentations
  • Details on the brand new full day nuclear waste management track covering all things waste low level options to geological disposal challenges
  • Exclusive panel discussions to help you get the answers you need to your most significant decommissioning challenges including nuclear security, technological innovation and SME participation
  • Breakdown of the 250+ executive attendees at the Nuclear Decommissioning Conference in 2016. Understand the audience and meet face-to-face with the decommissioning and waste management elite
  • Key information on the latest technologies and services showcased in the packed 30 stand exhibition hall as part of this highly innovative industry
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